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At Xmart Power Electric , we are more than just electricians – we are your trusted partners in powering homes and businesses.Our company genuinely cares about the safety and well-being of your family and business. We adhere to the National Electrical Code requirements and seek to inform and educate our customers. 

2013: We began in South America (COLOMBIA), with Electrical projects, Security cameras, and Telecommunications with our partner SITTE INGENIERIA.

2019: We initiated our operations in the United States of America (Florida), executing projects in Residential Electricity and Low Voltage.

2020: We entered the Telecommunications sector, focusing on commercial and industrial applications, achieving high-quality projects in fiber optic networks and RF.

2021-2022: We experienced significant growth with the arrival of new direct and indirect clients, leading to an expansion of our field of action.

2023: Xmart Power Electric expanded into the RENEWABLE ENERGY sector (photovoltaic), utilizing the best resources in the industry, with a detailed selection of suppliers, professionals, and technicians ensuring the quality and optimization of each system we design and implement.

Present: We are proud to say that we’ve successfully completed 700+ projects for more than 200 clients. Once a client works with us the first time, they tend to come back to us over and over again for future electrical work. That’s all thanks to our hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction. 


To design superior quality solutions in electrical energy and telecommunications, driving sustainable development of various systems globally.


We strive to be leaders in the Americas in electrical energy and telecommunications solutions. By 2030, we aim to be a company recognized for its responsiveness, implementation quality, and having the most installed KW/H in the United States of America.



Innovation: Pursuing continuous improvement through the creation of new methods, processes, and alternative technologies that optimize resources and generate opportunities in the sector.

Loyalty: We commit and reciprocate with our clients and suppliers, maintaining transparency in each of our processes.

Leadership: We transform problems into opportunities, empowering our collaborators’ capacity to make things happen.


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